Traditions are different everywhere in the world. It can happen sometimes that we see in other cultures or at a friend’s wedding something that we really liked a lot and we want to add it to our own too. Favors are one of those things. Small and delicate, favours are gifts for your guests. But how do you do it properly and avoid them just taking and forgetting about it or even directly discarding them? Here’s how.

First of all, what are the favors?

They are thought to be a gesture of gratitude, a token of appreciation from the bride and the groom for attending their wedding. Traditionally, a favour would be a small box with five coated almonds representing Health, Wealth, Fertility, Happiness and Long Life. Nowadays though, favours can be anything. If the couple comes from different cultures or their guests are coming from all over the world, the newlyweds might go for something specific or special for them like a bottle of local wine or some traditional biscuits. Others like more practical objects, like a magnet or a photo. What you need to keep in mind when you choose them is that they need to be a reflection of your taste and personality.

Edible Favors

Imagine macarons, muffins, candies, condiments, jams, sundried tomatoes, biscuits. You literally have tons of sweet and savory choices. Maybe even a bit too many. This is definitely one of the best way of putting a personalised touch to them. The edible favors seem to be everyone’s favorites lately so they will definitely be a big hit. If you are in Tuscany, you could consider cantucci and if you are in Puglia you could have little bags of locally handmade orecchiette. Bonus points – you will get to everyone’s hearts and tummies. Who does not love food?

Edible Favors
Edible Favors –

Sippable Favors 

Many couples started having drinkable favours at their weddings. What can be better than a small bottle of a locally made liqueur as an appreciation gift for their presence? People will find them perfect and most probably will not even wait until they get home. Think of a bottle of Chianti or little artisanal bottles of limoncello or grappa. Another option would be artisanal beer or ale. These two have been growing a lot in popularity in the past year and there are many small artisanal makers out there. Bonus points – you can also add a little card in which you say more about it and why it is your favorite. If you do not like the idea of using alcohol for your favors, maple syrup or olive oil are two very good alternatives as well!

Sippable Favor
Sippable Favors –

Personalised Favors

If you are still not sure if edible or sippable favors would fit your wedding, the personalised ones can be a great alternative too! You can go for anything from small plants (cacti are incredibly loved at the moment) to engraved wine glasses, bottle openers, perfumed candles, paper flowers or personalised luggage tags. Bonus points: you can choose anything! Just make sure it is something you would like to receive as well if you were to attend a wedding!

Personalised favors
Personalised favors –

Traditional Favors

Least but not last, traditional favors are and will always be an all-time classic. Although as we mentioned above, sugar coated almonds are the favors, you can now find them also coated in chocolate, for example, or perhaps even coated in sugar of different colors. Bonus points: you can play as much as you want with colors and tastes! There is no limit!

Traditional favors
Traditional favors –

Now that we shared our top picks, what will you choose for your wedding? Whichever you like from any of these, we can help you find them. We are at your disposal if you have any questions about how to have the wedding of your dreams in Italy.