The big day is approaching. You chose your dress, your bouquet, your accessories and makeup. The last thing you need to do is pick a hairstyle without having to worry about it too much. Your big day and preparing for it should be anything but worries and stress. This is why we selected a top of 5 hairstyles perfect for any preference and style so you do not have to worry, nor stress about it.

1. Dreamy loose curls

This classic hairstyle is still one of the most beloved by all brides. It is easy to be done so you will not have to spend hours having your hair done and it fits any types of faces and dresses too. You can choose to add a hair accessory and it goes well with a flowers crown too. Whatever you decide to add to it will go perfectly! Bonus point: you will not have to worry that hairs or pins will get out.

hairstyle curls
Dreamy loose curls –

2. Straight hair

Another classic is going for straight hair. The same as the curly suggestion mentioned above, straight hair will never fail you! Whether your hair is short or long, it does not matter. If you want to play with it, you can ask your hairdresser to add a bit of volume to it or maybe get some highlights, ombré or balayage done before the wedding. Bonus point: everyone will be in awe because of your shiny and gorgeous natural hairstyle. If you want to, you can add a head jewellery for an extra sophisticated effect!

straight bridal hairstyle
Straight hair –

3. Hollywood Glam

We cannot be the only ones that always dreamt of living in the glamorous period of Hollywood. And of course we could not be the only ones; have you seen those hairstyles? The vintage touch, red lipstick and perhaps even a bird cage veil will be the perfect combination to a glam loving bride! Bonus point: you will have some unique wedding photos if you go for this style!

Hollywood Glam hairstyle
Hollywood Glam –

4. Braids, braids, braids

The choices are literally infinite here! You can either do only one braid and then leave the rest of the hair flowing or have many put up together. You can add flowers, hair pins or jewellery. Anything you want can be done with braids. Bonus point: ask your hairstylist to play with different types of braids for making it more spectacular!

Braids hairstyle
Braids, braids, braids –

5. Aristocratic updo

Updos are some of the most beloved bridal hairstyles. If you do not want to worry that it will get too hot or you simply prefer having your hair up instead of loose, then the updo should be your to-go-choice! Bonus point: this hairstyle allows you to play with braids, accessories, flowers, but also with volumes. If you feel confident, do not shy away from a luxurious and voluminous choice!

Aristocratic updo bridal hairstyles
Aristocratic Updo –


Although we limited our selection to only 5 hairstyles, we could seriously not pick an actual favorite! What about you? Which one is your favorite?